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Six women who teach Yoga in Southern California and want to bring positive vibes to Washington DC

Sarah Hopkin

“After attending the Women’s March in DC 2017, I recognized the need for inner peace as well as protest in our country.”

Yoga Instructor, owner of Fired Up San Clemente ceramic studio, and mother of two amazing teenagers. Trained and Certified with a trauma informed lens, certified to teach people in recovery and children of all ages. She has taught yoga in both her children’s classrooms and is currently teaching special needs yoga to children in her community.

“After attending the Women’s March in DC 2017, I recognized the need for inner peace as well as protest in our country. Strike a Pose DC is a demonstration of peace through Mindfulness, meditation, and movement. My hope is that all participants will carry this message of peace off their mats with them and into their community.”

Elissa Dawn Strutton

“When we recognize the interconnectivity of all things and all people, being kind and compassionate toward ourselves and others – and spreading the message of peace becomes a priority”

Yoga teacher, functional movement educator, self-care strategist, wellness advocate, and mother of one. Elissa has been practicing yoga for 15 years and teaching for 12.

“I hope Strike a Pose DC will help spread the message of peace and positivity throughout our nation’s capital and beyond while inspiring people of all ages and backgrounds to engage in yoga and mindfulness practices to cultivate peace within themselves and their relationships.”

Kolleen Wallace

“Yoga is about finding peace within. When we are each more peaceful in our own being, we can then share that peace with the world.”

Community Mentor & Owner of Bitty Hoops, maker of custom hula hoops. Cat mom to Kush Kitty.

Kolleen has been practicing yoga for 4 years and earned her teaching certification from Nepal Yoga Home.

“I hope Strike A Pose DC will help people understand that yoga is about finding peace within using breath. When we are each more peaceful in our own being, we can then share that peace with the world.”

Annette LaMorte, M.D.

“Everyone is welcome at this event, even those who have no yoga experience. This event is all about inclusion.”

Annette LaMorte is a retired Reproductive Endocrinologist who lived most of her life on the East Coast of the United States. She made the bold move of relocating to her birth state, California, a year and a half ago. She is the single mother of 2 grown sons and an adorable 4 pound Yorkie named Chloe.

She has practiced yoga for approximately 15 years. She is currently enrolled at Saddleback College in Mission Viejo, CA to earn accreditation in the teaching of yoga. Her interest is to teach and use yoga and ayurvedic care to help mental health patients and patients in a cancer setting.

Annette hopes Strike A Pose DC will spark interest in yoga in people of all ages. She hopes the joy and positive communion at the event will be infectious and participants will leave feeling energized and full of hope for the future. She is working to invite those in the DC community that come from disadvantaged backgrounds to participate.

Kristin Underwood

Kristin began studying yoga in 2002 and just recently finished her 200 hour yoga teacher training certification. Her favorite part about yoga is the connection between the mind the body and the spirit and how it all comes together on the mat. Kristin is co-owner of Planet Earth Solar, a boutique solar installation contractor. She is also proud mama to two awesome dogs. Kristin hopes Strike a Pose DC will encourage others to get out on their mat and give yoga a try and see how it can improve their daily life and happiness.

Brianna Juel

“Meditation is what guides my daily activities and sets the blissful tone of my day.”

Brianna Juel, B.S., M.A., 200RYT, EYRT, Founder and Chief Creative Officer of blissedoutmom, Mobile Art/Yoga Studio & Spa & Author of “Art@Om”TM

Architectural Interior Designer, Yoga Instructor, Breast Cancer Survivor & Mother of two beautiful boys, Brianna Juel has a regular meditation practice.

She’s created a unique Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Training course (YACEP) and has created “Art@OM”TM ,which originated from her HEART and HOME. A New “Art@OMTM ”

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