A Demonstration of Peace
Through Mindfulness, Movement & Meditation

Manifesting Peace & Mindfulness in DC

June 22, 2018


Strike a Pose seeks to promote Peace and Positivity in Washington D.C. through Yoga, Breath, and Movement.
We recognize the power of yoga to foster the union of mind, body, and soul in every individual regardless of age, body size, or physical capabilities. Yoga, meditation, breath and movement have the power to bring a Oneness to self, family, community, country, the world and all Creation, to transform Me Thinking to We Thinking, and make the world a Better place for all living creatures.

Message from our Founder

Thank you for your time visiting our website! Please feel free to read through our website for the schedule and bios of our presenters and my team, the Partners In Peace. Below I will fill you in on the idea for creating this event and why I feel grateful to India for their contribution to our culture. A little about myself, I am a mother of two and I own and run a ceramic studio in southern California for the last 13 years, and am a newly Certified Yoga Teacher. My plan is to teach children, special needs children & adults, and people in recovery. This is my first experience with planning an event of this magnitude, and so far from home. I believe our country is in need of an event like Strike a Pose DC, in hopes of manifesting mindfulness, meditation, and movement in Washington DC.

After a year full of protests in the USA, I feel now is the time for yoga, mindfulness, and meditation to be practiced by every person in our country, big and small, old and young. Yoga does this for me and I wish to bring awareness of this ancient practice of bringing breath to movement and share it with others. Fortunately for us the practice of yoga, which was originated in India, has been brought to our country. However I have found that it has become a “work out” rather than a “work in” by many studios in the US. Daily, I practice meditation and yoga and I have seen a change within the person I am and my hope is that with events like mine, the message will be heard and our participants will carry the message off their mats and into their communities. International Yoga Day was a gift from Prime Minister Modi 4 years ago and it is my honor to organize Strike a Pose DC, the weekend of Int’l Yoga Day, in our nation’s capital including all people, of all ages, free of charge, and each at a different level of knowledge when it comes to the practice of yoga. Not many people are aware that International Yoga Day exists, which is another hope of mine to educate others and bring awareness to the benefits of yoga. It is our desire to give them a taste of the goodness that is yoga, along with mindful dialogue, healing singing bowls, a guided meditation, and the sound of Om. This year will be our first annual event and we presently have over 200 people registered to attend. You see, I love yoga and all that it has done for my mind, body, and spirit, it would be selfish of me to not share it with others.

Grateful for your time and support and I hope to see you on the National Mall Lawn June 23!

Sarah Hopkin
Partner In Peace


Bhante M. Dhammasiri

Born on August 25th, 1949 in Sri Lanka Bhante M. Dhammasiri became a monk on 1960. Trained as a Buddhist monk he taught Buddhism at Government Teachers Training College for 12 years from 1975. Same time he was the acting Director of the Bhikkhu Training Center, Maharagama Sri Lanka from 1975 to 1987. On 1987 he was sent to the very first Buddhist Vihara in America established in 1966 by Most Ven. Madihe Pannasiha Chief Prelate and Most Ven. A. Sri Rahula Maha Thero. He became the President and Abbot of the washington Buddhist Vihara in 1988. Bhante Dhammasiri is the founder Abbot of the Lion of Wisdom (Pannasiha) Meditation Center in Gaithersburg MD where the Managing Director is Ven. Yogacara Rahula.

Jeneen Piccuirro

Jeneen Piccuirro,(MFA, BA, YTT, IAT) has over 28 years experience leading original Art, Meditation, Yoga, Dance, Sound Healing and Movement based offerings and is a pioneer in integrating and genuinely combing these modalities to bring the body & mind into balance for long term well being. She has apprenticed with Master sound healers Triz Remedios and Andreas Mamet, and has been integrating sound work into her offerrings for the last decade. Her skillful, nurturing approach gently shifts people out of old habits into healthier patterns of true acceptance and clear understanding, paving the way for a deeper residing peace and joy.


Ellen Helbig

Ellen from Germany, 700hour teacher training has been teaching for more then 10 years in Africa and DC.

Yoga retreats in Costa Rica and Paint by Yoga workshops, Feng Shui and Chakra healing workshops. Also privates and kids yoga.

Ellen is leading the guided meditation after our speakers and before the healing sound bowls and gongs.


Demonstrations of Drums/Bowls/Yoga will be guided by leaders.

Yogi toe towels will be provided,  please bring your own mat.

Here is the 11 minute yoga sequence we will be doing 3 times during Strike a Pose DC. Practice at home and be prepared to practice with us on June 23.

Watch and Follow along with us on the video and give yourself the gift of breath to movement at least 11 minutes each day leading up to our event. Our Partners In Peace Team plus DC Community Volunteer Yoga Teachers will be Guiding the Flow.

And Remember Yoga is a Practice not a Perfect Always!


Interested in more than just attending? Why not partner with us or have a booth space at the event? Contact us at strikeaposedc@gmail.com to find out more!

Vendor list coming soon!


If you have any questions about the event, please contact us directly at strikeaposeDC@gmail.com or use the form below.

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